Friday, April 20, 2018

Dinner Table goes on AVSitter

My Dinner Table is at V4 now, AVSitter script driven.

The same model changes script. No more poseballs with XPose but a sit script to have dinner or have sex.
Same combinations: a single customer with waiter or waitress, a couple with waiter or waitress, or 2 couples.

I had my problems to convert old configuration in new configuration and I had to reposition all poses too despite the same root prim.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Remade all FFM and MMF sex poses

I remade all my sex FFM and MMF poses:
starting from the same position I remade all the moviment: faster, smoother and harder!

My animations were too old and inside a lor of furniture. So I upgraded to the new versions:

Ultimate Rug

Sex shower

Round couches

And at last I replaced all my Beds and the bed engine:

Friday, December 2, 2016

New Wedding Pulpit Mesh

I upgraded another church furniture: the Wedding Pulpit.
This new model has a big grate on the front of the pulpit, so I could add some "glory hole" new poses!

As usual the mesh model has been made by Selina Anatra and i migrated all the previous one poses, but I added some new too.
A whole new menu in the 3some one (Bride - Priest - Groom), using the grate, and some new in the 4some one FMMF (Bride - Priest - Groom - Maid).

As soon as I have new photos I'll post them here.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

New Confessional Booth

My Confessional Booth had a mesh upgrad too.

Now it's a 4 prim equivalent mesh model by Selina Anatra, and with 2 new sex menus.

Curtain still open/close by script and the closeing is not complete, so voyeurs can peep inside during the action.
The grate is now 3D and no more a texture and dicks can really go through it and reach the sinners outside.

I also made a completely new menus, with brand new sex poses.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hot Tub upgrade

My Hot Tub needed a new mesh model too.

I asked my builder Selina Anatra and she made me a new model with similiar shape of previous one.

Now the item is all in one linked object, while the previous water scripts needed a separate water, flow and steam parts.
Now it's much easier to move around and it still has the Steam on/off function and Fill/Drain water one.
Animations are the V3 ones: erotic massages, sex tub, 2-3-4 players, any gender.

As usual texture changer is in towel prim and let you choose among many different textures spearately for frame, tub and mattress/pillows. A total of 1495 different combinations are available.
Frame itself can suite classy internal style, ancient/rpg style, outside/beach/pool style as well: marbles, tiles, elegant woods are available but also old stone and beachside wood.
Tub is available in mat colors as well tiled. Here a collection of examples:

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Upgrade for my Gyn Chair

It's time for an upgrade of my gyn chair model.

Thanks to Selina Anatra now the chair is mesh and only 4 PE

The chair has poses up to 3 players and it's for hot wife, doctor and hubby role play.
It support bisexual players as well and cuckold husbands.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New animated statue in store: Wall Hole Girl!

After a while I finally release a new product, in collaboration with Essensual: a new animated mesh statue to use as sex toy.

The statue is a girl bent and sunk into the wall, so the player can use her from behind!

In only 13 prim equivalent the statue moves together with the player sex movement, and they are available in 3 speeds.
Plus, a Foreplay menu introduces fondles, caresses, licks together with pee and cum animations.

The statue is mod and copiable and ready for houses and sex clubs. Even toilets cause the pee animation included.
 Last but not least the statue has sex sounds during action: slapping skin-to-skin sounds syncronized with animation, and spank sounds in spank pose!